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Google's AI Can Now Identify Faces From Heavily Blurred Images

Google is becoming smarter and smarter as the days are passing and they are implementing Artificial Intelligence at an immense pace.

With Google Artificial Intelligence systems, Google will be able to convert a heavily pixelated low-quality image into a clear photo so that it can further be used for identification or other purposes.

This makes the use of Artificial Intelligence a must have for identifying criminals or other such activities.

Some computer scientists from Google, the central Google AI team have shown in the past that they can not only enhance a picture quality but they can also fill the gaps that are present in the picture.

This becomes useful in circumstances where you have a photo of a verdict but you are not able to identify the whole picture of that person then you can use this system to make sure that the right person is getting caught.

Banner-2.jpg (1920×1080)

Some researchers have stated in a paper Pixel Recursive Super Resolution that they have trained 8*8 pixel images of celebrity faces and photos of bedrooms.

Here the conditioning neural network and a prior neural network is combined so that it can produce higher resolution of 32*32 pixel versions of the image.

In a nutshell, you will be able to convert a blurry, almost unrecognizable picture into a one that is clearly represented by a human.

Let us break the system into steps.

mass-effect-robot-geth-ruin-ai-art.jpg (1920×1080)

What happens is that the low resolution images are converted into high resolution images by scaling down the low resolution large image to the same 8*8 pixel size.

The Google researchers have written in the paper that the challenge is not only describing a process on How to unblur a picture but also in adding new details so that the image look feasible to a human observer.

Google Brain

First both images are compared to each other. Both of them are of the same sizes and it is easier for them to similar pixels and shapes between both the versions.

As an example, both the systems can recognize ears that resemble a particular shape and compare all of them by comparing the pixels in the other image.

arm_2D00_ai_2D00_blog.jpg_2D00_1600x900x2.jpg (1600×900)

In addition, the Google Researchers use the PixelCNN so that it can add the pixels that are extra to the 8*8 image.

Now here there is a thing that needs to be noted and that is if lips are in pink color, then pink pixels are to be identified separately.

Google’s AI just created its own universal ‘language’

As every neural network process ends the Google researches sums up and gives us the result so that we can create a final image.

In order to prove that the AI generated images are believable, the researchers tested the system on human volunteers.

A group of humans were shown a low-quality image and the other group of people was shown an image that was created by AI. Both groups were asked to check which photo was taken from a camera.

Here you would like to note that 10 percent of the people thought that the Artificially created image was taken from a camera. This was a plus point.

In the near future, what you can do is innovate this process and add detail to the low-resolution images and videos.

An application to this thing is blurry CCTV images.

Here you would like to note is that this method needs to be tested with a collection of images.



iPhoto '08 breaks iPhoto2Gmail 0.6

I have received some reports that iPhoto2Gmail is not compatible with the newly released iPhoto ’08. I do not have iLife ’08 yet so I am currently unable to test and resolve the problem.

I’d also like to apologize to you guys for the long delay since I announced that new plugin versions would be coming soon. I tried to add too many new features and have had almost no free time to work on the plugin. I will try my best to release a new version that includes only the two most requested features — 1)Saving Acct. Information in Keychain and 2) Autocompletion of addresses…

If I can get a copy of iLife ’08 and successfully sleuth the API changes, I hope to also add iPhoto ’08 compatibility. As always, these are my best guesses and I just can’t promise when I will have some free time to sit down and work on building a great and stable release.

iPhoto '08 breaks iPhoto2Gmail 0.6


Apple has released an official API and SDK. In English, that means that it should be simple to get iPhoto ’08 working!


It seems several folks have had no problems with the plugin and iPhoto ’08 (check out the comments)… I’ve purchased a copy and will try to do some testing this weekend.


A temporary workaround was submitted by droy. If you click on the iPhoto2Gmail tab twice, it will work. I have identified the cause of the problem and it’ll be fixed in the next update.

Patches for iPhoto2Gmail and Aperture2Gmail

I put together a couple of patches that should fix the problems that were caused by the recent User Interface changes to Gmail. I hope to bundle full updates for both plugins soon, but I figure this would help get folks back up and running in the event that I don’t manage to roll out the updates quickly…

Patches for iPhoto2Gmail and Aperture2Gmail

Download Aperture2Gmail and iPhoto2Gmail Patchers Here.

You can leave comments or try out the new Google Group that I set up and linked to on the sidebar.


As user Ed noted, it seems that there are problems when sending attachments greater than 500kb or so (the exact threshold is still foggy and may actually be 1 MB).

My wife was able to reproduce this today. Unfortunately, it seems the error goes undetected and the plugins will report that the email was successfully sent.

However, they will not show up in your sent messages nor will the recipient get the email. I have not been able to find the source of the problem, but I am guessing it is also due to the current transition to the newer version of Gmail. We’ll see what develops.

Update 2:

I have tracked down the sending problems to a time-out issue with the new Gmail Javascript. The bad news is that the size of attachments you can send is entirely dependent on your internet connection’s upload bandwidth. The good news is that I have been working hard and have completely re-written the mail sending portion of the plugins. I have quite a bit more testing to do, but I’m very close to a release for iPhoto2Gmail. Aperture2Gmail is a bit further behind, but should come up to speed soon.

If you’d like to beta test, leave a note in the comment, send me an email or start a thread in the new google group.


iPhoto2Gmail New Versions Released

iPhoto2Gmail and Aperture2Gmail have been updated significantly today! I am happy to say that both of the new plugins resolve all of the known problems with the new Gmail interface that was rolled out this November.


Both plugins have received an entirely new emailing engine that allows for a direct, secure, and reliable connection to Google’s email servers rather than an HTTP file upload. (Lots of fancy words for “it works much better”).

iPhoto2Gmail New Versions Released

Another big change was a popular request: the “Email Sent Using…” shameless plug has been axed. This should help you bloggers out there that use the plugins to post pictures. No more editing posts!

Aperture2Gmail hadn’t been updated in quite some time, so I devoted many hours to bring it fully up to speed with iPhoto2Gmail.

Both plugins have also been tested for 10.5 Leopard compatibility.

Enjoy. As always, you can leave feedback in the comments, via email, or in the new Google group linked in the sidebar.

New Version: iPhoto2Gmail v0.10 Released

I’m happy to announce v0.10 of iPhoto2Gmail today!

I’ve been hard at work on this release; there are lots of new goodies in this version, as well as fixes for all of the bugs that have been reported. Here are some highlights:

New Features:

Support for hosted Gmail accounts (Google Apps for Your Domain) — this has been a top feature request, and I was glad to finally get it added and working well.

New Version iPhoto2Gmail v0.10 Released

I’ve added a search field to the Contacts List sheet that should help find your contacts faster.

Authentication is now done natively and using Google’s official clientLogin API. The result is a faster, more robust authentication check, as well as more descriptive and useful error messages. This new authentication also addresses the DNS issues some users had on Leopard.

Notable Bug Fixes:

Restored compatibility with OS X 10.3.9 (Java 1.4).

libgmailer updated to version 1.37 (fixes contact list problems some users were having)

Fixed incompatibility with contact names that contained a comma “,”

Improved behavior when saved login information fails to authenticate.

Oh, and Aperture users, your update is coming soon!

Notes on Current Aperture2Gmail Development

I am quite excited about the recent release of Aperture 2 and the subsequent 2.01 and 2.1 updates. I think it is a great product. Fortunately, Apple has made full versions available once again via 30 day trials.

I have been working with these versions in order to fix the problems that Aperture2Gmail had as the 2.01 and 2.1 updates were rolled out. However, at the moment, I do not have the budget to upgrade my version of Aperture,

and therefore will have to pause further development of the plugin since I will have nothing to test against.


Also, because my wife and I are on an extended backpacking trip, I no longer have a 10.4 workstation that I can test against, and this has allowed another bug to slip by in the 0.7 release.

Notes on Current Aperture2Gmail Development

I still have 10 days or so left on my 2.01 trial, and am working hard on fixing the last known bug in 0.7 as reported by a couple of users. The bug seems specific to OS X 10.4.x and Aperture 2.x.

Luckily it is harmless: several spurious error dialogs appear after the email has been sent. Once this is fixed I will put out version 0.8. I apologize to anyone still experiencing problems and I hope to return Aperture2Gmail to active development in the near future.

Thanks for understanding!

I Promise; new versions are coming soon!

I’ve had a bit of free time to devote to the plugins, and have several improvement in the works. They aren’t quite ready yet, but I am getting close.

Contacts retrieval and the actual emailing engine have both been entirely re-written. I am confident that folks will be happier with the new Contacts code, as it makes use of the new Official GData API and therefore should be much more robust. For those of you having issues with contacts, please hang in there a bit longer.

Since I have still been unable to purchase Aperture 2, I need some volunteers!

If you’d like to be added to my list of beta testers, please write to me at jils.i2g gmail and tell me your:

– Mac OS X Version

– PPC/Intel

– iPhoto/Aperture Version



UPDATE: I’ve got a good list of testers for 10.5, anyone with 10.4 out there want to help out?

Anouncing Aperture2Gmail 1.0 Beta

I’m excited to finally be posting this! Aperture2Gmail v 1.0 Beta is now available for testing.

Anouncing Aperture2Gmail 1.0 Beta

This version is actually a full re-write. And it better be, since I realized when updating the change log that two years have passed since the last version!

I’ve been hard at work re-writing the guts of the plugin and cleaning up the user interface. I’ll write up a post on my developer blog if you’re interested in the nerdy stuff.

Now, here’s the scoop:

  • – Cleaned up and simpler interface.
  • – Mac OS 10.5 or newer is required. 10.4 and Aperture 1 are no longer supported.
  • – Full 64 Bit support for Aperture 3.
  • – I have only been able to test Aperture 3 running on Snow Leopard.

Email bug reports to jils.i2g


Some users are reporting trouble with the untested configurations: Leopard 10.5 and/or Aperture 2.

If you are having issues and are willing to help with the public beta testing process, please contact me.

iPhoto2Gmail v.1.1 Installer Changes

iPhoto2Gmail had a dirty little secret that allowed it to work with versions of iPhoto as old as 5.0…

iPhoto2Gmail v.1.1 Installer Changes

iPhoto2Gmail was installed directly into the iPhoto application bundle in the PlugIns folder. This was a necessary evil back in the dark ages, since iPhoto didn’t look anywhere else for plugins. After Apple released an official API, later versions of iPhoto began looking outside the application for plugins.


After Apple released an official API, later versions of iPhoto began looking outside the application for plugins.

I’ve been meaning to change this behavior for quite a while, but didn’t want to break backwards compatibility. With code-signing becoming more and more important, and Lion on the horizon, I finally made the change. As of June 30th, the iPhoto2Gmail v1.1 installer will place the plugin in the

Apple sanctioned location:

/Library/Application Support/iPhoto/Plugins

The new installer also removes the plugin from the old location. This change helps us be good Mac OS citizens, as foreign app bundles shouldn’t be messed with. Unfortunately, this may break v1.1 for folks with legacy iPhoto versions. I’ve tested as far back as iPhoto ’08 with good results, so it might be time to update!

The uninstaller has also been updated to clean up both locations.

Aperture2Gmail or New Features?

So I’ve received some feedback from users saying that they’d really like me to write an Aperture2Gmail plugin. I have also been asked to add more features to iPhoto2Gmail — like more resizing options, Keychain support, Google Apps for Your Domain support etc.

Aperture2Gmail or new Features

I’d really like to write the Aperture plugin, In fact, I already downloaded the SDK from Apple and have given it a quick look.

However, at this point I can’t write the plug in because I do not own Aperture. I am afraid the price puts it out of my league for the near future…

New features:

for that I need your feedback! I need you guys to tell me what you’d really like and what would be really cool and useful for me to add. I will try to add things in order of popularity (and of course, how interesting they are to me).

So let me know… shoot me an email or click the comment button.

I will try to have an OS Version survey up soon as well.

UPDATE: I just learned that Aperture is offered as a free 30 Day Demo. If there is enough interest, perhaps I can write the plugin using the demo app!

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